Coyote Central

Courses Offered:

  • Fashion: Design, Construction & The Runway
  • Culinary Arts
  • 2D + 3D Art
  • Digital Photography
  • Drama
  • Songwriting and Recording

Coyote Central challenges young adolescents to build competence and creativity through hands-on workshops with professionals in creative fields.  Independent problem-solving with sophisticated skills at Coyote builds adolescents’ confidence and expands their sense of personal possibility.  

Coyote Central’s vision is for Seattle-area adolescents of every background to become creative thinkers and problem-solvers who are confident in their capabilities and voice and engaged with their community.  

Cherry Street Films

Courses Offered:

  • Intro and Advanced Digital Storytelling

Cherry Street Films’ mission is to develop an after school youth program focused on digital storytelling and will operate in multiple schools throughout the Pacific Northwest.

The CSF pilot program is responding to the need for more programs that provide a safe, positive environment for students after school.  Elementary school age students are inundated with media from many different sources but students of this age group often lack the confidence, direction and resources to create their own digital stories 

Computing Kids

Courses Offered:

  • Coding Game Design
  • Coding Web Design

Computing Kids is an educational enrichment program for children in the Seattle and Eastside area. We partner with schools, community groups, and parents to bring computer programming classes to kids in a variety of settings.

Jumbo Vision Media

Courses Offered:

  • Intro to Video Production

This program introduces students to the process of creating videos through a three-step process – pre-production, production and post-production. The mission of Jumbo Vision Media is to help people tell their stories through video. 

We app

Courses Offered:

  • Speak with Purpose

We app is an experiential learning program designed to help students improve their language and writing skills as well as their ability to collaborate and present effective oral presentations.  By integrating public speaking, language arts, and performing arts (specifically voice, stage presence and acting), students write and perform original works that address issues such as: bullying, peer-pressure, self-esteem, leadership, interview skills, and diversity. These works are developed into culminating projects that are viewed as guides/standards for students of all ages. 

    Drills and Skills

    Courses Offered: 

  •  Basketball and Citizen Development

The Drills and Skills program believes that young people who feel valued by others and maintain a good outlook on their personal goals are individuals who are likely to do well in life. The Positive Identity Pillar is designed to teach the youth we serve the importance of having a positive identity, high self-esteem and a valued role in the community. It is amazing what can be accomplished if youth feel good about themselves, believe they can make a difference and have a positive outlook about their future. Having a positive identity is a crucial tool for general life success.

Massive Monkees

Courses Offered:

  • Hip Hop and Break Dancing

A popular style of dance that emerged from hip-hop culture, break dancing is a technical style of street dance that is set to long periods of musical breaks; B-boys or B-girls are the technical terms for dancers who have mastered this discipline. Students will also learn other popular dance styles. Students will be asked to share their talents, work together to build strong unity within a group setting, and collaborate on choreography for performance  opportunities.

 Bike Works

 Courses Offered:

  • Bike Engineering and Refurbishing

At Bike Works our youth programs are rooted in the belief that young people thrive when they are valued, feel a sense of belonging, and value themselves. We actively involve young people in their community which helps them to develop new skills and promote links with neighbors while catalyzing future youth involvement in community change.


Courses Offered:

  • Music Production

The program serves as a platform to build skills in writing structures and enhancing the use of vocabulary for their writing assignments, while having the opportunity to work hands on with studio recording equipment.  Through the art of music production, students will also have to opportunity to take their writings and record in a recording studio, which will sharpen their skills as recording artists.  They will also be given opportunities to work with beat machines, audio engineering software, all the while polishing up on songwriting and vocal skills. At the very center of our program, we use these platforms for the sole purpose of mentorship and building strong relationships with our students.