Small Class Sizes

  • Every Summit student has at least one adult mentor and coach, who individually supports them to set goals, make a plan to achieve those goals and develop in their Habits of Success. A mentor also serves as college counselor, coach, family liaison and advocate.

  • Every single student is known by every faculty member, and teachers continuously collaborate to ensure students have the feedback and practice they need to become empowered learners.


Personalized Curriculum

  • Every Summit student has a dynamic Personalized Learning Plan and is able to access all of the learning tools and resources they need at any time.

  • Summit students have the opportunity to explore individual passions, interests and careers for eight weeks each year.


Empowered Students

  • Summit students are self-directed learners. From the day they arrive, Summit students are encouraged and coached to develop in the elements of self-directed learning: Challenge Seeking, Persistence, Strategy-shifting, Response to Setbacks and Appropriate Help Seeking.

  • Summit students receive consistent, relevant, and personalized support seamlessly integrated into their school day as they drive towards their academic and personal goals.


Rigorous Coursework

  • All Summit students demonstrate competency in college preparatory course work in five core subjects and the visual arts.

  • All Summit students meet or exceed four-year college entrance requirements.